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Leonardo’s Toolkit 🛠️

Image Generation
AI Canvas
3D Texture Generation
Image Generation
Envision The Extraordinary

Take creativity a step further with the transformative power of our Image Generation tool. It’s not just about bringing your concepts to life — redefine the impossible. From beginners to professionals, we offer a spectrum of settings that can be intuitively tailored to your needs.
Discover an unprecedented fusion of simplicity and power, designed to cater to creative minds at all levels.

AI Canvas
Perfect Every Pixel

Our AI Canvas blends robust editing functions with the immersive creative process, providing you complete control. Erase distractions, adjust dimensions and finesse every detail of your designs — all under one roof.

With Canvas, you’re not just using a tool; you are the true alchemist of your creation.

3D Texture Generation
Advancing 3D Texture Innovations

Breathe life into 3D assets like never before. Just upload your OBJ file, generate textures with contextual intelligence and download the enriched files tailor-made for diverse applications.

Supercharge the design process with our avant-garde tool, and take your projects to new heights.

Unveil New Creative Horizons with Fine-tuned Models

DreamShaper v7

Lykon is back with another update. this model is great at a range of different styles.

SDXL 0.9

The latest Stable Diffusion model, currently in Beta.

3D Animation Style

Great at 3D film vibes, capable of complex scenes with rich color. Storyboard time!

Absolute Reality v1.6

A photorealistic style model from Lykon. Great at all sorts of photorealism.

Leonardo Diffusion

A model with incredible shading and contrast, great at both photos and artistic styles, by cac0e.

DreamShaper v6

A new update to an incredibly versatile model, excels at both people and environments, by Lykon.

Deliberate 1.1

A powerful model created by XpucT that is great for both photorealism and artistic creations.

Vintage Style Photography

This model can generate a broad range of imagery with a vintage style as if it was taken from a film camera.

DreamShaper 3.2

This model by Lykon is great at a range of portrait styles as well as artistic backgrounds.

RPG 4.0

From whimsical fairy-like beings to mythical creatures, create unique cute spirit characters.


For the best result keep Guidance Scale between 3-11.

Paper art style

Paper art style.

Ilustration V2

It is another model of artistic and illustrative images with different styles.

Spirit Creatures

From whimsical fairy-like beings to mythical creatures, create unique cute spirit characters.

Character Portraits

A model that's for creating awesome RPG characters of varying classes in a consistent style.

Isometric Fantasy

Create all sorts of isometric fantasy environments. Try appending "3d vray render, isometric" and using a guidance scale of 6. For the negative pro...

Isometric Scifi Buildings

Great at creating scifi buildings of varying themes. Append the word isometric to your prompt to ensure an isometric view. "3d vray render" also here.

Cute Animal Characters

Perfect for creating adorable and cute animal characters - loveable and playful designs.


Create a variety of impressively varied and detailed shield designs. Allows for an incredible range of material types.

Magic Items

Create a wide range of magical items like weapons, shields, boots, books. Very versatile.

Picture Perfect Creations ✨ with Alchemy

Meet Alchemy, our newest pipeline feature at Leonardo.ai that's set to transform your image generation experience. Acting as your digital Merlin, Alchemy harnesses the spellbinding power of AI to convert your creative inputs into enchanting visual outputs. The process is seamless, the results - magical
Image generation experience
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A cyberpunk bed room
Leonardo Diffusion
Leonardo Alchemy
Prompt Magic v2
Show me another generation ✨
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Leonardo different?

Leonardo is an AI-powered content production suite that empowers creators with a powerful, customisable, and user-friendly platform for bringing their ideas to life.

With a focus on granular control at every step of content creation, we put creators at the centre of the creative process by offering granular control at every stage of generation, ensuring that AI enhances, rather than replaces, human creative potential.

Our custom back-end delivers advancements in model fine tuning, prompt adherence, training and inference speed, and multi-image prompting functionality. We also address common issues around image degradation and have implemented a custom upscaling, with much more on the way!

Can I use Leonardo for free and what are the benefits of a paid subscription?

Yes, Leonardo offers a free tier with no expiration, allowing users to access the platform with a limited daily quota of Tokens. Paid subscriptions have more benefits, including increased token allowance, faster image generations, access to premium features, and more! You can check out our subscription plans by clicking the “Upgrade” button in the top left.

How do Leonardo models work?

The Leonardo platform provides a number of generalised fine-tuned models that are great at a wide range of content generation, as well as some more specialised for specific needs.

In addition, premium users are able to finetune a large number their own models on the platform by uploading a small collection of images (typically 10-20). These finetuned models can recreate a style, or a certain sort of content or asset type. Users on the platform can also make these finetunes available for others to use.

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