Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Leonardo different?

Leonardo transcends the conventional AI toolset by providing a robust and dynamic platform for creative production. We marry cutting edge generative AI technology with unparalleled creator control, reinforcing human creativity instead of replacing it.

In every step of the content generation process, our platform affords granular control, ensuring your creative vision is flawlessly brought to life. Leveraging a slew of cutting-edge backend features, Leonardo excels in model fine-tuning, prompt adherence, training speed, inference pace, and multi-image prompting capabilities. We’ve addressed common obstacles such as image degradation and have introduced custom upscaling, all with a commitment to continuous improvement and expansion.

This is just the beginning for Leonardo, with much more to come!

Can I use Leonardo for free? What benefits do I get from a paid subscription?

Absolutely! Leonardo offers a free tier that includes a daily quota of tokens. These can be used for your creative projects within our platform. This free offering doesn’t come with an expiry date, so you can use it for as long as you like.

Our paid subscriptions come with extra benefits: an increased token allowance, faster image generation, and access to premium features. To find out more about our subscription plans, click the “Upgrade” button at the top left of the page.

How do Leonardo models work?

Leonardo provides a variety of fine-tuned models. These are capable of a wide spectrum of content generation, alongside some that are purpose-driven for specific needs.

For our premium users, we offer the ability to refine a significant number of their own models. You can do this within our platform using a small set of images (typically 10-20). These models can mimic specific styles or types of content or assets. What’s more, users can make these customised models available for others to use, driving collaborative and innovative processes.

How do I get access to Leonardo.Ai?

To access Leonardo.Ai, you can simply sign up by visiting our landing page and clicking on the ‘Create an account‘ or ‘Start using Leonardo‘ button. If this is your first time signing up, you can enter your first name and email and click the ‘Count me in’ button to be added to the early access waiting list. However, if you’ve already been granted access, you can click the ‘Yes, I’m whitelisted’ button which will take you to the web-app login

Once completed, look out for an early access invitation via email and remember to check your spam folder!

Is Leonardo suitable for beginners or do I need coding skills?

Leonardo.Ai is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for creators of all backgrounds and skill levels. You don’t need any coding skills to get started. Our intuitive interface, in-depth tutorials, and active community are all available to support you through your creative journey.

How quickly can I generate assets using Leonardo.Ai?

Leonardo.Ai is designed for high-speed asset generation. The duration may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • Image generation parameters: The settings and parameters chosen for an image, including resolution, can impact generation times. For instance, higher resolution images may take slightly longer.
  • Generation method: The generation methodology used (Prompt Magic, Alchemy, image2image or image prompting) can influence the generation speed.
  • Number of images: Generating multiple images simultaneously might affect the speed of individual asset generation.
  • User tier: Our tiered structure means priority is given to paid users, which can lead to faster asset generation times for these users.

Despite these variables, we consistently strive to optimise our processes and infrastructure to ensure efficient and rapid asset production for all our users.

Are there opportunities for business or enterprise applications?

Certainly, Leonardo.Ai opens up a world of opportunities for B2B and enterprise applications. Any business in need of a consistent, efficient, and cost-effective method of high-quality asset or texture generation will find our platform invaluable. For more information on how Leonardo.Ai can benefit your business enterprise, please contact our business development team via the Contact Us page.

How do I get involved with the Leonardo.Ai community?

Being a part of the Leonardo.Ai community is an integral part of your creative journey with us. We have active, supportive communities on both Discord and Facebook where you can interact with fellow creators, receive tips, access tutorials, and find your next big idea.

These platforms are much more than just community hubs. We regularly hold engaging competitions and events to inspire creativity and encourage collaboration.

Dive in, connect with creators from around the world, and take advantage of the wealth of resources and support at your fingertips.